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Witness: Robyn Ratliff
Location: Kennesaw, Georgia
Date of Encounter: May 2003

I lived in the Amli Apartments on the Kennesaw battle grounds in Kennesaw, Georgia. In fact, one of the selling points of this particular apartment is a historic trail behind the complex marking several Civil War battles that took place there. I lived there for a year and I had several strange encounters.

I want to begin by stating that my dog would react to something that I couldn't see. He would move his head from side to side like he does when he doesn't understand what I am trying to say. It was at very strange times — like he would wake up and stare at a spot on the wall, or I would be sitting on the porch and he would walk inside and when I would go see where he went he would be in one of the rooms reacting to something like he would to me when I talk to him. He didn't do it before we lived there and he hasn't done it since. 

I was in a bedroom that we had designated as the computer room and I heard someone come in the apartment and put there stuff down, go into the kitchen, and move things in there. I thought that it was my roommate's girlfriend so I called her name several times but she didn't answer, so I got up to see what she was doing. There was no one in the apartment. In fact, I called her to see where she was and she said I'll be there in a couple of minutes, Thank God!

Another time I was laying on the couch alone in the apartment watching a movie and I had an empty coke can on the coffee table in front of me. I watched it move in a curve shape about a foot long, from one end of the coffee table to the other. I checked to be sure that there wasn't condensation on the coke can and there was none — the table was completely dry and I could come up with no reasonable explanation for the movement.

I never felt afraid — a little spooked — but not scared, except once. I had just gotten out of the shower and I was standing in my walk-in closet looking for something to wear. I felt this chilling draft move in front of me. I got an eerie feeling and I felt it again coming from the opposite direction behind me. I got freaked out, grabbed clothes, and was standing outside my closet. I felt it go across the right side of my body from a completely different direction. I was putting my clothes on as fast as I could when I felt it go by again on my left side — so it had done a complete cross around my body. I know that I wasn't imagining it because I had a heavy baseball jersey hanging on a hanger outside of my closet and when it came by the last time on that side of me it moved my jersey. The jersey was swinging in the direction that I felt the draft.
Another instance took place when I had a friend over, he was standing on the porch outside and I was in the kitchen. The apartment is designed so that the living room is between the kitchen and the porch, so we were talking and all of a sudden every piece of AV equipment I own came on for no reason. The big-screen TV, the DVD player, the surround sound, the cable box, everything! I can't even make it could do that! These pieces of equipment have like four different remotes. They were all sitting on the coffee table at least 10 feet from both of us. it convinced him, me, and my roommates that we weren't just imagining these things, because they mostly happened to us when we were alone in the apartment.
I would like to know if anyone else has had an experience like this in the Amli at Barrett lakes apartment complex in Kennesaw, Georgia. 

I really don't think that it was only haunting our apartment It had to be moving around. 

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