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Advancing The Witches' Craft: Aligning Your Magical Spirit Through Meditation, Exploration And Initiation Of The SelfAdvancing The Witches’ Craft: Aligning Your Magical Spirit Through Meditation, Exploration And Initiation Of The Self
By Lord Foxglove
Publisher: New Page Books (June 2005)
Pages: 335 – Price: $19.99 (includes meditation CD) review

From New Page Books comes a remarkable new book on Witchcraft, a book that is packed full of information on how to increase your personal magickal powers through the shadow spirit. It is fast-paced reading, and written in an easily accessible style that entertains as it educates.

Lord Foxglove is one of contemporary Witchcraft’s new authors who is an expert on eclectic magick. He is a musician, and the co-founder/ordained priest of the Live Oak Experimental Church and the Temple of Aradia. He lives with his wife and children in Indiana in an enchanted home which is called Nevermore Gardens.

This is an important entry into the Witchcraft writings, for it discusses what shadow spirit is, how it can be contacted, the shadow realm, and the internal circle. Essentially, this book is about development of your inner strength. The important thing is learning how to lift the veils which obstruct you from your shadow spirit.

This book will show you how to discover and utilize the power that has always been available to you, but in most instances, needs to be reawakened. The author states and proves that without our shadow spirit, we are indeed, incomplete and not fully realized. A CD with guided meditations is also included with the book.

This fine book is a guide to aligning your magickal spirit. It teaches you how to accomplish this through the techniques of meditation, personal exploration, and initiation of the self.

There are twenty-one detailed chapters in the book, and each chapter addresses a different subject. The preface and the introduction will amaze, intrigue, and fascinate its readers.

Be prepared to be challenged, be prepared to think, and be prepared to act creatively when you start reading this book! And who could ask for anything more than that! The education received from this book in regard to shadow spirit is straight-forward, honest, and accurate. In addition to a surprisingly pleasant reading experience, the reader will come away feeling he or she has received a complete course in eclectic Witchcraft that offers new avenues for personal advancement and development.

Lord Foxglove is to be congratulated on his fine nonfiction work about magickal spirit. Highly recommended reading. Readers will find the subject matter defined, complete, and shared.

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