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Witness: Eric Mitchum
Location: San Diego, California
Date of Encounter: August 17, 2008

A month ago, my family and I went to San Diego because my brother had his leave there (he's in the Navy). So, we decided to get a hotel near Coronado Bay, so that we'll be close to my brother's aircraft carrier.

The next day, just my mom, dad, and I went to one of the ship museums there (which I forgot the name of). It was bright and sunny out, and we were looking at both the bottom and top decks of the ship. Everything was okay. However, when we went to the Star of India with my brother and his girlfriend, the strangest thing happened to me. My mom and dad were at the south part of the ship while I was looking at the front of the ship (inside the bottom deck of the ship) when it happened… I saw a hand by the side of my shoulder, as if someone was about to tag me, but noticed I noticed them. I looked around and obviously nothing was there! The strange part was that the hand looked just like my hand, but slightly bigger! When I told my dad what happened he believed, but when I told my very skeptical mother she said I probably just imagined it. But I was completely convinced, and so I really wanted to do some research on it. When we came back to the Holiday Inn on the Bay, I noticed there was a yellow book entitled Haunted San Diego, curious at this I bought it and sure enough it had the Star of India in it. It said that there was a young captive on the ship back when it was still in service. The book said that this boy would turn lights off and on and sneak behind unsuspecting visitors and "tag" them on their backs! So now once I found this out I knew that I witnessed a ghost haunting (or whatever they're called). Also before this happened, I admit I was a bit of a skeptic, but now I am a believer!

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