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Witness: Valerie
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: August 14-16, 2007

I am very in tune with earthquake activity. For some unknown reason I will be attacked by a big case of the jitters and I can feel the quakes as they are happening.

On August 14th I was standing in my kitchen and someone came up next to me — just outside of my peripheral vision — brushed against my clothing, and took my elbow, pushing me to the right. I thought this was my mother or husband and turned to see who had come upon me. No one was there. That evening a bag of lima beans fell off a stand I have in my kitchen. No one heard the bag fall, but when I went to get a drink of water, it was on the floor. I picked it up and put it back.

The next morning, August 15th, my mother asked me if there was some reason I was floating a bag of lima beans in the dog's water bowl. I went into the kitchen and sure enough the bag of lima beans was floating in the dog's water bowl. I removed them and tossed them out.

At lunch time I was making a sandwich, again standing by the kitchen sink, when I felt someone come close enough to me to be touching my clothing, but not me. I turned to see who it was. No one was there.

The evening of August 15th I was up watching TV and began to feel an earthquake, I was very, very anxious. This feeling stayed with me for quite some time. I turned to the news late in the evening and the newscasters were discussing a large earthquake in Peru. Where in Peru? Lima.

I didn't think another thing about it until this evening. I am never given the location of the earthquake, just that it will happen and I can feel it. This time was different as you can see. I was given the name of the place, Lima. Someone was trying very hard to get the location to me by throwing lima beans in my floor and my dog's water bowl. It took me until today, August 16th to figure out the message of Lima. I never fear my helpful spirits, and always ask what I can do for them as well as receive the gifts they give me. I only hope next time of a large earthquake, I can get the location sooner.

My little spirits tried to reach me the day before the earthquake and my head was too dense to make the connection. Perhaps one day I will be able to warn someone of an impending earthquake.

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