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Witness: Kim Strain
Location: Sitka, Alaska
Date of Encounter: 1983

When I was about 15 or 16 I had an experience that still makes my skin crawl with fear when I think about it. My family lived in a 3 bedroom, ranch style home that looked exactly like the home before it, and after it, and so on. They were "Mill Houses," created especially for the pulp mill workers and their families. We moved in to our house when I was 14 and of course our whole family was excited because it was the first real house that we would buy. I have no proof about the previous owners of the house, but the grapevine had it that the family had problems with violence toward one another and that it was the downfall of their relationship with each other — the rumor mill also said they had issues with alcohol and drug abuse.

The first couple of months that we lived there were decent. I don't remember any strange occurrences happening at that time that pointed to paranormal activity. We were all still floating excitedly on the new house cloud. The first paranormal experience I had in the house happened like this:

My father often had to travel for business and this left my mother, my younger sister, and myself alone together. We actually enjoyed these times because it meant we could watch what ever we wanted on TV, eat whatever we agreed on, etc. The atmosphere was a lot like that of a fun sleep over. One of these nights I happened to be lying on my parent's waterbed watching television and munching on popcorn. I Thought I heard a rustling in the room outside of my line of vision, as only the glowing neon light of the television was on, casting the rest of the room into shadow. I stopped chewing my popcorn and strained to hear better, I turned the sound down on the TV. I heard nothing and shrugged, continuing my popcorn eating. Suddenly I heard it again, except this time it wasn't a rustling at all but a clear, intelligible voice that spoke plainly in my ear, "Excuse me, Kim."

My body became instantly paralyzed with fear and horror, my mouth, crammed full with a wad of popcorn, became suddenly void of all moisture. "Excuse me, KIM," the voice spoke loudly in my ear again. In an instant my limbs surged to life and I flew from the bed like a screaming banshee,  the bowl of popcorn dumping everywhere. I ran into the living room and spent the rest of  the night with my mother on the couch, refusing to go anywhere near that part of the 

One evening I was walking home from a friend's place. It was growing dark outside and I was running just a few minutes late. I looked up at the house as I walked closer to it and noticed that the kitchen light was on. My mother was standing in the window glaring out at me angrily. No, the look was much more than that of anger… it was a look of hate. Pure, unadulterated hate radiated from my mothers face through the window at me.

My heart skipped a beat in my chest and I took in a sharp breath. What had I done? What could I have done to make my mother look at me like that? I didn't understand. My chest was tight with fear but I forced my legs to continue walking toward the house. My mother's face loomed closer as I neared it, taking on more clarity. She looked evil. Anyone who knows my mother at all knows that it's damn near impossible for her to be evil, let alone look evil. She is kind, sweet, and loving, as far from evil as anyone could be… but there she stood, her eyes boring into mine.

I ran up the driveway to the front door and threw it open. "Mom!" I cried out. "MOM! What's wrong?" I asked as I headed into the kitchen.  Nothing. No answer.

"Mom?" I asked again. She wasn't there. I began to search the house from back to front. "Mother!?" she was no where to be found. No one was home at all. That in itself was strange, because there was always at least someone at home if Mom wasn't. All of a sudden the reality hit me. No one was in the house. No one had ever been here. I had seen something in the kitchen window, and that something was not my mother.

I became very frightened at the thought that I was now in the house alone with that thing. I grabbed the telephone and began to dial every number that might lead me to my mother. Finally I found her and begged her to come home. "Oh, Come on Kimberly!" She joked "You're old enough to be alone for a couple of  hours! I'll be home soon. You'll be fine." I wiped tears of frustration and embarrassment out of my eyes while I sat on the front porch waiting for her to arrive. There was no way I was waiting in that house alone with that "Evil Mom" thing.

Time went on in the house and there were more frightening experiences. My Sister had some, as did my mother and my own children did much later on. The house is still in our family but it is now being rented out. To this day I believe that I saw an apparition in the window that evening — the apparition of the thing that spoke to me in my ear.

It spoke to my best friend one night too as she lay paralyzed with fear in her sleeping bag. She was unable to wake me. She said it was as if I were dead. It had spoken clearly, just as it had to me… speaking her name. "Tina, that's a nice name," it said. She lay in her bag sobbing quietly until light finally filtered in through my bedroom window and I began to stir.

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