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The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Witness: Laurie Maley
Location: Yardley, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: December 7, 2014

This just happened during the night. My daughter Courtney was lying in bed and suddenly she saw my deceased brother sitting on the side of her bed. My brother had lived in England and dropped dead of a heart attack almost two years ago. She was shocked to see him there and a little afraid as she knew he was dead. His name was Bill.

Bill leaned forward, looking intently into her eyes and then leaned back. Courtney being frightened, closed her eyes. She suddenly felt like she could not move. It was like a wet blanket was on top of her. This really made Courtney freak out. She also could not speak… she was frozen. But then bill was gone.

I think Bill was coming to tell her something, especially when he was leaning forward toward her. The other part, I can not figure out. Bill would never hurt Courtney. And he would never bring anything evil with him. Her husband and Jack Russell terrier were out in another room and knew nothing until it was all over — which she then went out of the bedroom to desperately find them. My daughter doesn’t know what to think. We need an explanation.

I believe my brother was trying to give my daughter some information — the leaning forward then back. I myself had a ghost visit me as a child, 15 years later I was married and working on family genealogy when a family cousin gave me a photo to borrow that contained my great great grandfather who came from Ireland. This man in the photo looked just like the ghost who came to me as a child.

Also I had funny things happen after my father died. For one, I took pictures of my dad’s car before trading it in — some years after his passing, as it was the last thing of his to go. The pictures were foggy like a ghost stood in front of the camera. It was film pictures then and the rest of the roll had wonderful photographs. I have also seen my previous husky who passed in 2005 in the house three times. I have gone as far as almost two-hours away to a doctor’s appointment and was in an exam room on a table when “something” touched my foot.

Things never happened to other people in my house. Just me. But My daughter, after graduating college, had one dream while still living here in 2008 where both grandparents and our previous husky were in this dream. This was the first time she met her grandmother, as I became pregnant with her right before my mom died. I know it was real and true by what she said to Courtney. My mother liked to put on airs, like she was better than others. That told me it was her by the haughty words Mom used.

Around my daughter’s birthday in March, my brother Bill was in a dream of hers then also. My daughter didn’t believe before in spirits, she certainly does now. I lost a child, a miscarriage, two months before I became pregnant with Courtney. I wondered whether this spirit, whatever, that was preventing Courtney from moving — could it have been a child trying to be close to its sister and Bill brought it to meet Courtney? Just trying to figure this out. I have been concerned that this also could be a sign that someone in the family will pass soon. Help!

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  1. my mother came to me in the middle of the night and normalize sleep with the TV on But I decided to shut it off that night and I got woken up to feel finger nails running up and down the bottom of my feet that’s generally how my mom used to wake us up for school when we were a little but as soon as I started waking up and realizing what was going on it still is happening so I jerked my feet back and right away I knew it was my mother I said mom is that you and it end of the bed shifted like somebody got out and the TV then came on and unbeknownst to me I was pregnant and didn’t know it.. she had told me before she passed that sge was ginna make sure that I got pregnant and she always knew I wanted a boy and that’s exactly what I had a boy so that was her way of saying look I did this for you .. I thought it was an amazingly awesome experience and I wished she should come see me again but hasn’t done that so here’s my story.

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