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Witness: Emily
Location: United Kingdom
Date of Encounter: 2012

One night, I booked a hotel room on the first floor. I unpacked all of my stuff and put it away in the cupboard.

I went to sleep but heard a noise coming from the next room. It was pretty loud. This wasn’t the fanciest hotel so I knew the front desk wouldn’t even bother with it. I got up and walked to the neighboring room and knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

Oddly, I realized the door was actually ajar so I opened it a bit and peered in. The noise got louder and actually seemed to come towards me! I swear, I saw a shadow run towards me. My heart was pounding when I quickly shut the door and ran back to my room.

The next day, I inquired of the hotel manager about the incident. It was weird to hear such noise and even stranger that the door would be open to what appeared to be an empty room.

He basically brushed me off.

The same thing happened as soon as I tried to go to bed the following night. This time, I wanted to solve this mystery.

I opened my door and saw what looked like bloody footsteps in the hallway coming from the room next door. I screamed really loudly. A face materialized in front of me.

I’d had enough! I ran downstairs and got a taxi to my mum’s house which wasn’t too far from the hotel. I told her what happened. She didn’t believe me at all, but she let me sleep with her. That is how frightened I was.

The next morning, I woke up but she wasn’t in the bed. She was lying dead on the bedroom floor.

The police and coroner came. They questioned me but I didn’t have any answers. They said she died of natural causes.

I never went back that hotel to get my stuff.

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