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Witness: Mary
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date of Encounter: 1993-1997

My mother longed to hear me tell her that I was pregnant, so finally when I told her, she was over the moon. A week later she died. I was devastated. I later gave birth to my first son. When he was six-months-old, I pulled out some photos of mum to show him. To my shock, my baby pin-pointed my mum, calling out, "Nanna, Nanna," and pointing out of every photo from when she was young, to older age, without ever been shown what she looked like.

Three years later I got pregnant again. I was due to have this baby three weeks before mum's anniversary, but I was overdue, so the doctors decided to order a caesarean. I begged them not to do it on mum's anniversary, but they said it was the only day they could do it. So off I go to have my baby on the 27th of March. When it was all over I said to my husband, "Look at the time." It was the exact time my mum had died, that my daughter was born: 1:51.

A week later at home with baby, we had friends over. I had put the baby to bed a number of times, but she kept waking for no reason. I came upstairs about the sixth time and a book with music started playing on its own. As I turned that off, a ball that plays three different things when you press a button started playing, but only one of the tunes played (which after all these years it still won't do). It was the train button (I had a dream the night mum died that she said goodbye to me on a train.) The train button called out, "Bye bye baby" (I'm my mum's baby child). I turned to look at this ball and a photo of my mum that had been sitting in the same spot for a year or two, and it fell flat. My baby fell asleep straight away after that.

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