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Home Encounters A Shadow Person Peeks In

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Name: Lisa Simon
Location: Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Date: July 12, 2019

A little back ground first! I live in a 99-year-old house. I have had quite a bit of activity over the years, so far nothing bad to worry about. My son is an antique weapons restorer, so whatever item he is working with has either been used to kill someone, or was used for protection at one time.

In our house, we have had poltergeist activity, seen shadow people, apparitions, and tons of EVP’s captured here.

A couple of months back, my son was awakened to seeing a little African American girl in a full-length white nightgown, going through a pile of his clothing on a chest in his room. He looked directly at her, she was caught off guard, she ducked down the side of his bed, and he could hear her scuttling across the floor to under the bed.

At his work, the storage room has constant noises coming from it, no one goes back there alone. Boxes have been thrown, lights turned off and on, and things being moved from one place to another. There have been three reports of an apparition of an old man, dressed in what looks to be the style from the late 20’s to the early 30’s, he wears a large Fedora for a hat. Shadows are always being reported. When a new employee starts at the shop, the workers wait until that person has had an experience, and it is then they tell them about the constant activity. The owner locks the room at night, and never goes back there after hours.

What occurred at my home recently, may be tied into what is at work with my son.

He comes home daily at lunch time, and I was standing at the dining room table looking at some paper work, our front screen door was open, I looked toward the door, and at that moment, I saw someone peek around into the house, then step back. It was then I realized it was a black form of a person, and in my mind, I thought it was my son, he wears nothing but black clothing and a black ball cap. I thought he looked into the house then moved to go put out his cigarette, something he does all the time. I said to my husband, “Oh Len is here for lunch”, and he said, “No, there is no one here, there is no vehicle in the driveway.” I had even went as far as to grab myself a smoke, because I will go out when my son comes and have a short smoke break! I walked toward the door, and it was like I walked into a meat locker! The hairs stood up on my head and arms, it was that chilly. I was still surprised, and my husband said he thought he had seen a ‘flash’ at the door when I said I thought my son was home. Five minutes later, my son arrived home for lunch.

I told him the story about seeing a shadow person, and he said nonchalantly, “What else is new?” I had to laugh, and agreed with him. I just wonder what will happen next!

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