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Home Encounters A Shadow Figure Crossed the Road

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Name: Benjamin Rassi
Location: Milwaukie, Oregon
Date: October 24, 2018

I was leaving my friend’s house with my other close friend and we decided to take River Road home, which is a sort-of back road. We were both on a come-down off of being stoned, and just wanted to get home. It was about 11 at night. We started to get close to our turn onto Concord, which was around a little bend right next to Riverside Elementary. As I got closer, I noticed some shadowy-misty-looking figure standing near the cross walk, and as I turned, it crossed the road with incredible speed. My friend in the passenger seat of my car quickly looked up. I didn’t think what I saw was real until he asked me if I saw what just happened. I still couldn’t fully comprehend what happened because it felt so fake, yet my friend saw it too.

Near that area exactly where it happened there is an old house with the cliché haunted house look right across the street from the elementary school. The figure wasn’t tall, but where its torso and head would have been was pitch black, like pure shadow, and it absorbed the light from the street light which made the shape of the figure look misty and white. I’m pretty sure it happened on a full moon at around 11. I still drive past that spot sometimes trying to see it again.

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