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Witness: Adam
Location: Slough, United Kingdom
Date of Encounter: Summer 1974

I have had many experiences over the years. I am posting this because I bought The Ghost Files and found out about

I have never been shy about talking about my encounters but I have never seen a relative or friend, nor have I or been in a historic building or landmark when my encounters occurred. It has always been random. I never have a warning when they are about to happen. It just…happens.

Most are quite ordinary I suppose, but two encounters in my 20’s were physical and terrifying. One, in particularly, occured when I was aged 14. I delivered newspapers before school. This morning it was a bright blue sky and about 6.30 a.m. The girl that sorted the papers out had mixed them up. I realised this when I took the paper out the sack for the first house.

I sat on the curb to rearrange them. It was a cul-de-sac, not a soul in sight or a car in motion. I stood up everything in order, turned to go through the first gate and there she was — the ghost — right in front of me.

This was summer so I was in a tee shirt and jean jacket. This lady was dressed for a cold winter. She was at least 60 years old and stood about 5 ft 2″. She had a head scarf and a heavy winter coat that went below her knees. She wore Derry boots (sheep skin lined ankle boots with a zip up the front). She also donned black framed glasses. She looked me straight in the face and had a big open smile, and looked solid as you or I.

“Morning! It is a lovely day isn’t it” I said. She said nothing, just looked and smiled.

I continued, “You on an early shift?” No response. She just looked and smiled. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and remember thinking idiot. I then said “I’m running late, I’d better crack on.”

Right then she disappeared. Not a fade away type of vanishing but like a light being turned off. The only thing I felt at that point was ridged fear. I don’t know why it happened or if it was a message. Maybe it was an imprint ghost.

This was my first obvious encounter. I tend to ignore shadows or voices and put them down to being tired or lucid dreaming. But when I’m awake and active and I have encounters I know they are real.

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