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Witness: Stacy
Location: Merrick, New York
Date of Encounter: August 4, 2008

A little after 8 PM I was in bed, exhausted and waiting for my husband to come back from the kitchen with snacks. I dozed off for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes I saw a hunched-over figure carrying what looked like a walking stick. He was standing sideways, so I saw his left side only, but his hair was gray and mussed, and he was wearing a ratty, moldy looking cloak around his shoulders and partially over his head. As I stared, he just faded away. It was really disturbing; I didn't know if it was a dream or what. My husband came back a few seconds later, and I didn't know what to do. Finally I told him and he joked that it was the angel of death. I thought he looked a little like the guy from the Aqualung (Jethro Tull) cover, but not quite. The next morning my daughter told me first-thing to call dad immediately. His older brother in Italy, (bent over like a comma is the way I've always explained him and because of that he always used a stick he carved himself to help him get up and down the hills to his farmhouse) passed away that morning. I asked what time, his time and our time. I saw him about four hours before he passed. The strange thing is that even though there are 11 children, the only other sibling, another brother, passed away 28 yrs earlier — on the exact same day. I've not seen him again, but I've experienced visits by scent mostly, and he has visited a few times, mostly to tell the other siblings to call Italy, and take care of his widow. I had spent time with this man and he really liked me and even gave me a memento of his, I believe he somehow knew I could see things others couldn't. He knew I could (and did) carry out his message to my husband and for him to make sure his siblings stay in touch with her, too.

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