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Witness: Carmen
Location: North Miami Beach, Florida
Date of Encounter: August 2006

My family and I moved into a home four years ago that has a cemetery across the street. With my first encounter there, noises happened a few months after moving in. I would hear the metal banister being banged into. My son thought he heard me by the computer typing away and when he got there no one was there. He ran back to his room. My friend came over to visit and said that she felt hands around her throat. After that I kept having nightmares and waking up very scared. I also felt someone choking me and felt cold hands holding my legs down. I woke up and felt pressure on my thighs. The fear kept me on the bed. The next day I had bruises on my inner thighs. Then I actually saw someone. I woke up and saw a man by my sofa bed. He looked to be in his 30s, he dressed like if he was from the 1920s. He had on a pinstriped suit, pink shirt with a purple tie, and black sleeked back hair with piercing blue eyes. He walked by me and stared at me… he floated out the front door and I never heard or felt anything after that.

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