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Witness: Michelle
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date of Encounter: July 2003

I was in high school when we moved into one of the oldest houses on base at Fort Sam Houston. The houses were built in the slave days. There was a slave's quarter in the back, which was used as a storage room.

Many things happened in that house. When we first moved in, we were not aware of the ghosts in the house until one morning we awoke to the smell of bacon and biscuits. We went downstairs and there was nobody in the kitchen. It was an invigorating smell. On another day, I was sitting with my brother in the dining room doing my homework and directly to the right there was a swinging door to the hall. It was very difficult to push open, you had to literally throw your weight on the door to get it to swing. While sitting at the table, the door swung open as if someone had pushed it from the other side. I looked at my brother and he looked at me, we were both wide-eyed. Not even two seconds after the door swung open, the smell of pipe smoke circled the table then vanished. On one other occasion, I was sitting in the kitchen with my brother and I was talking to him. My silver necklace with a cross was sitting on top of the microwave. My brother turned around to continue speaking to me and the cross came off of the necklace, smacked the wall, and fell face down. I couldn't believe my eyes. There were also spirits of playful children in the house. They used to love playing pranks on us all. They would run up and down the hall at 3 AM, play outside, move boxes, and even close doors. These are merely a few incidences that occurred at this house. It was a lively place.

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