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Witness: Tim
Location: Stoughton, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: 2003

We moved into our house back in 1986. We only had two bedrooms, but we needed three. There was an enclosed wall with a door leading to the attic. The attic was unfinished except for a small room at the end with temporary walls, a desk, lamp, and chair. My father tore down this room and remade the upstairs into a large bedroom for me. He also tore down the wall leading upstairs so it was now an open staircase leading up from one of the bedrooms. After I moved up there, everything changed. As soon as the lights went out, I always heard footsteps coming toward my bed. I would turn on the lights, but nothing was ever there. Other times I would be the only one in the house and I would hear my name called, but yet no one was home. Another thing that always happened was us smelling pipe tobacco. Yet nobody in the house smoked a pipe. There were at least two ghosts there.

After I moved out, my brother had taken over the bedroom. He is not a believer. He would hear the noises and disregard them. That is until he was awoken one night to find an old lady leaning down over looking at him. My brother didn't sleep back up in that room for three years after that. We haven't heard, smelled, or seen anything for a long time (about five years now). That desk that was up there in the beginning, and then moved to the room downstairs, was eventually moved outside about the same time as everything stopping. My question is: Is it the desk that was haunted? Did they just leave on their own? I am starting to get the same feelings as before. My mom died of cancer in the house almost two years ago. Is she here? My mother always claimed to have some sort of a psychic power. I hate things that I can't kill. Any comments or suggestions?

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