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Witness: Stacy
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: July 21, 2009

I live in a historical old beautiful building called Mayflower Apartment Building that was built in the 1920s. President Hoover used to occupy one of our rooms in this building on a regular basis for the Kentucky Derby and other functions. This building used to be a beautiful hotel and has now been remodeled into apartments. I have lived in my apartment for two years and approximately three months.

After moving in I started feeling like something was rubbing on my leg. Of course I would look to see what it was or blame it on the cat, but the cat would always come running in from the living room. To save you the long version of this story, this went on and on. It would get stronger and stronger, and it was massaging my leg and would literally move up my leg to my lower back and then stop. It almost felt like a static feeling. I can't explain it. I kept trying to convince myself it was nothing, but I knew it was. However never once did it scare me. And at one point I went for a couple of months with nothing happening when I moved my bed to a different side of the room.

The reason I'm writing is that things have changed, and I'm a bit frightened. Last night and for the last few, if I stay very still and act like I'm asleep, this "thing" will slowly act like it's walking on my covers toward, me but it's like it's a hand? Not a body. It makes no sense, I know, but it's poking in my covers, slowing walking up my legs. Two nights ago my covers lifted completely off of my legs. I stayed still to see what would happen and I felt this "thing" against my legs! I very slowly lifted my head to look down at the covers and I could see this "thing" crawling toward me! It scared me so bad I jumped and lifted the covers up and there was absolutely nothing there! That happened the night before last.

Last night I was laying there after saying my prayers and all of the sudden something growled very faintly in my ear, but very definite. I jumped out of my bed and called my mom. I was scared beyond belief! Never has this thing made a noise and scared me like that. After she calmed me down, I laid back down and questioned if I was really going crazy. Could I be imagining all of this? How is it possible for something that I can't see or touch to touch me? Where does it live? In the air? I have to be nuts! I laid there quietly trying to stop shaking and all of the sudden I feel that electrical tingling again on my side and those circular movements massaging me up and down my side, then down my leg. It almost felt like a bubble. Gosh this sounds crazier than a lunatic! I thought, no, it has to be my blanket moving with the ceiling fan, so I jerked my leg and it stopped. I laid still and again this thing is on my left side and it's as real as it gets because there is no blanket! I just couldn't believe it. Then it was playing with my hair and all of the sudden I guess I fell asleep because I don't remember anything else. What is this thing? Can someone please give me some advice or help me in some way? Has anyone felt this or experienced anything similar? Will this hurt me? I'm scared and I swear on my child's life I'm not making this up! I'm not on any kind of medications or anything. I'm not crazy. I'm a very normal, working single mother with a very important, great career. This is craziness! If anyone can help I just need responses, you don't need to post.

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  1. Stacy-

    I would love to know which apartment it was that you were living in when you experienced this. I live in the Mayflower now, I’ve lived here for over a year, but I spent one year in one unit (508) and then moved to a new unit in August. The reason I ask is because there is nothing haunted about the apartment that I live in now, the only thing that goes bump in the night are my loud ghetto neighbors, but the previous unit I was living in, apartment 508, was so haunted that my boyfriend and I almost went crazy living there. For the last two months of our lease we barely ever slept, and we spent as much time up at his parents place as possible instead of staying in the apartment. I think only certain units in this building have haunted activity and I’m trying to compile a list of which ones. Thanks for your story, any additional information helps

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