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Silver Queen Hotel - Virginia City, Nevada
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Witness: Chris Moorehead
Location: Virginia City, Nevada
Date of Encounter: July 4, 2014

I decided to go to The Silver Queen, which is a haunted hotel at Virginia City, Nevada. To enter you have to walk up the long staircase.

Walking up the squeaky stairs I felt as if something was watching me. I continued to walk. At the top of the stairs were a lot of doors, and dark old beat up doors. There were scary-looking photos on the wall of the people who were there in 1800’s.

My step-brother went up with me and we took a whole bunch of photos. In one photo there was a cowboy ghost who died from a gunshot in a room there. We were going down the hallways when we saw a girl floating; she looked at us, then vanished. We weren’t as scared as many would be. We knew the ghosts there weren’t bad because of all the stories we heard. We decided to leave for the day. We where outside when I looked in one of the hotel room’s windows and I saw a girl looking at us then she walked away.

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