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Witness: Carole Newman
Location: Huntington, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: October 30, 2000

My encounter is very strange, but in a good way. It was a very dark Halloween Eve, and I had taken a job delivering pizzas after my retirement, just to have something to do. I had told the manager that I did not want to drive after dark because I cannot see too well at night. One evening, just before dark, I was told that there was no one else to deliver this last pizza, and I was told that I had to do it. Even though I had told them time and time again that I could not see after dark, they insisted that I would be fired if I did not deliver this pizza. The address where it was to be delivered was on a very dark country road that had just had some new housing developments built on it. I knew nothing about this area, so I was very scared. It just happened to be "Trick or Treat" night, and that made me even more scared that I would not be able to see a child in my path, and I could hurt someone.

When I got to the old road that leads to the housing development, it was absolutely pitch dark, and of course, there were no trick or treaters out that way because there were just no houses. I began to panic because I had no idea where I was going. In dismay, I stopped my car, and uttered the following words, "God, please help me… I'm lost…" In just a few seconds, I could see a man and a woman and two little kids dressed in Halloween costumes. They asked me to roll down my window and they said, "honey, are you lost?" I told them that I was, and I would be fired if I didn't find this housing development and quickly. They didn't hesitate for a second. They told me that it was the next road that went up the hill on my left. They even told me that the people were up there waiting for me. I thanked them because I was so grateful for their directions. I looked out my rear view mirror and poof they were gone. They had just vanished in an instant. I started to wonder why this lovely family would be on this dark road with costumes on, but I didn't think too much more about it at the time. I followed their directions, found the house, and sure enough, the people were sitting on the porch waiting for their pizza. They were so glad to see me, and they could tell that I had been very upset. They gave me a very large tip because I was upset, and they were just the sweetest people.

On my way home, I thought about my ordeal, and I came to the conclusion that God had sent this family of angels to make sure that I found this house. How else would they know that the people were waiting for me when they were walking in the direction that comes back from the highway? I don't work there anymore, but I often think about that Halloween Eve when God heard my prayer and sent angels to help me find my way. If you don't believe in angels, you had better think again. They are all around us, and I sure am very thankful for them.

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