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Name: Bill
Location: Portage, Wisconsin
Date: June, 2015 – August, 2019

I believe my life has been saved on several occasions by a benevolent spirit.

I have sleep apnea. It is an affliction that causes the throat to close off during sleep, preventing the ability to breath, some times for minutes at a time. I’ve had numerous events where I woke in the middle of the night, breathless, gasping for air. It is very scary and life threatening. Worst case scenario is death due to heart attack caused by lack of blood flow to the heart from not breathing. There are devices made to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea, however, I find them terribly uncomfortable and am unable to sleep while wearing them.

I believe I’ve experienced supernatural intervention several times that saved my life during sleep apnea events. The first occurred soon after moving into my new home. This account is simple enough, in that I was woken out of a sleep by the sound of an unfamiliar woman’s voice calling my name. I had been in the throes of an apnea event, and was able to rouse myself and begin breathing again because of being awoken by the phantom voice.

Another time, I remember nothing of a dream, only the sound of the same women’s voice waking me. Again I was suffering from an apnea attack and was able to recover because of being waken by her voice. However, there was an even more unusual aspect to the event. Upon waking, the first gasp of fresh air I breathed was laced with the scent of perfume. A type of perfume I’ve describe as worn by an older woman.

A third incident happened not long after. I was dreaming that I was walking in a black void, but I was not alone. There was a presence with me. I could not see this presence although I somehow sensed it to be female and all around me, moving from front to back and side to side. And the most unusual aspect of this is that this presence was trying to blow air into my face. It finally succeeded, and when it did, I awoke with a puff of the coolest, most refreshing air I’ve ever breathed blowing directly into my face. And of course, it jolted me back from an apnea episode into a normal breathing pattern.

My home is more than seventy five years old and has had several owners in its life time. It is my belief that there is the spirit of a woman who remains in this house. A benevolent spirit who has stayed on after her life on earth was finished to look after her home and is now looking after me.

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