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Mysteries of Paris
Mysteries of Paris is a new book by legendary esoteric and vampire author Father Sebastiaan, master storyteller of the Paris Ghost Tour. This book will be the first English language book to explore the “Darkside of the City of Lights” including vampires, legends, executions, ghosts, haunted places and mysterious locations of the world’s most romantic city.

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Dear Ghostvillagers,

After many months of hard work, I’m proud to announce the rebirth… the reincarnation of! While we’re not totally finished with the upgrades and updates, we are now on a new platform that is slick, and it will give us the room to expand well into the future. The site now works on all browsers, smartphones, and tablets, you can search easily and quickly through thousands of pages of content, and you can easily submit and interact with everything in our village. This is just the foundation, just the beginning of what we have in store for you.

There are two people I need to thank above all others. First, master programmer (and DJ) Jeremy Winterrowd did all of the back-end work on the new Web site. He wrote a program to move over 2,500 pages of flat HTML content into the new database. If we did that by hand, we would be ghosts before we could have ever finished the project. Second, I need to thank my high school buddy and master Web guy, Jason Barsi, for all of the help on the front end. He gave the site the new look and a lot of the functionality. And finally, I need to thank photographer Frank Grace – whose amazing and creepy photos now lurk throughout the Web site. These guys made all of this possible.

So go ahead and take a look around. Kick the new tires a bit. But know that in the coming weeks, there will be more changes coming. Our message boards will be fully integrated into the Web site, plus a lot of new content will be coming on board. is going to become a paranormal network of words, sights, and sounds. We’ll carry your favorite paranormal radio programs, plus original video content. I can’t wait for you to see it!

So this month’s theme is appropriately reincarnation. You don’t have to buy into the notion of past lives to appreciate reincarnation. Maybe the idea is as simple as the fact that we must keep evolving and growing into new people, or we truly die. We must challenge ourselves, learn from our past, and commit to accomplishing great things for ourselves and the people around us.

There’s a saying in the arts that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Meaning that we’re a product of the masters who inspired us and the masters who inspired those folks before them. Does Mozart not sneak into some killer guitar solos? Is there not a piece of Da Vinci appearing in even the most obscure street graffiti? Chaucer in a Tweet? Maybe reincarnation isn’t so far-fetched?

Enjoy your new village, folks. And get ready for a lot of great new content!

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter below.

Supernaturally yours,

Jeff Belanger
Mayor of

Twitter: @THEJeffBelanger
Facebook: Jeff Belanger

The Spirits of the Murdock-Whitney House

Whomever the old woman is that haunts the Murdock-Whitney House, she's very protective of her home. She wanders the hallways, and is especially averse to allowing people into her bedroom. Her footsteps are heard throughout the house, including the mysterious third floor, in which the staff refuses to enter by themselves.

Built from 1820-1830, the Murdock-Whitney House is the home of the Winchendon Historical Society and one of the town's most beautiful and historic mansions, with its Colonial Revival redesign and Victorian elements.

Joining us on this event will be Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International! Click here for more information:

Jeff Belanger's Upcoming Events
This is the place to find out where author and founder Jeff Belanger will be speaking on the subject of the paranormal. If you're interested in booking Jeff for a conference or other event, please visit: for more information.

Events Scheduled:

Paracon Australia - Maitland Gaol, New South Wales, Australia - May 10-11, 2014
A Weird Massachusetts Evening at the Haverhill Public Library - Haverhill, Massachusetts - May 22, 2014
Terror Con - Providence, Rhode Island - June 7-8, 2014
2014 MENSA North American Annual Conference - Boston, Massachusetts - July 3, 2014
The Spirits of the Murdock-Whitney House - Winchendon, Massachusetts - July 12, 2014
A Weird Massachusetts Evening with Jeff Belanger - Norton Public Library - Norton, Massachusetts - August 12, 2014 6:30PM
Fantomfest - Austin, Texas - September 27-28, 2014
Paracon 2014 Shooting Star Casino - Mahnomen, Minnesota - October 10-11, 2014
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Hudson Public Library - Hudson, Massachusetts - October 15, 2014 6:30PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger - Hudson Historical Society - Hudson, New Hampshire - October 16, 2014 7:00PM
A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger at SUNY Genesee Community College - Batavia, New York - November 7, 2014 7:30PM Advertising Opportunities
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