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Updated October 16, 2012

Spirituality and Religion

Accurate, Online Psychic Readings
This site provides a unique personal empowerment, spiritual approach to intuitive readings, as well as a vast array of other resources for the spiritual seeker. Access your Spiritual Guidance and turn negative karma into spiritual gold! Amazingly accurate & detailed online psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity & compassion by phone, chat, email. Arrange a FREE reading today!

Ancient Visions of Modern Wisdom
I am an ancient soul and Ascended Master. I offer links to my art (ghostly drawing on home page) my book~ Abstract Realism a true story, which is about real paranormal/ufo/alien tales etc which took place during 7 years of my unique life. I also offer all denominational spiritual advice for a small charge on my website as well as a link to my Easy Meditation Ebook.

Ancient Visions of Modern Wisdom
A site dedicated to the physics of metaphysics or what I call in my books/lectures, the science of soul.

Animal Totem: Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones
Purveyors of fine and rare Magick Shaman Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones.

Antique Keris Blades Spears Kris Swords & Magic Talismans
Museum certified Keris swords and blades with magickal powers for protection, psychic attacks, and commanding your Genie - Jinn spirits!

Asteroth's Domain
Occult and new age discussion forum, information, and supplies. Content channelled by Asteroth's Apprentice.

Astrology House
Astrology readings and charts on love, karma, spiritual insight, lottery numbers and more.

Authentic Witchcraft and Psychic Reviews
Certifying psychics and witches since 2000. Setting industry standards to ensure every psychic and witch certified by us is authentic and produces very real results. We are a group of 22 people that analyze first hand practices of witches and psychics.

Doedreamers has been serving the Piedmont Triad through our Greensboro, North Carloina, location since 2003. We clear the energy around people, pets, and places in a profound and lasting way. We specialize in entity and spirit release through traditional Maya techniques along with crossovers. We also do private sessions with spiritual coaching for individuals to connect to their own answers through ongoing traditional shamanic energy clearings and mentorship, especially for those whose psychic senses are waking up. Dedicated to opening hearts and helping people connect to the beauty of our planet through our community celebration circles with original songs and storytelling.

Dowsing, Spirituality, and the Kabbalah Connection
Joey Korn's site is dedicated to helping you grow spiritually and take charge of your life through combining the ancient art of dowsing with prayer and blessing, with an amazing tie to the anicent teachings of Kabbalah. Many ghost hunters use Joey's dowsing rods in their search.

Feng Shui Consultation that Work!
Feng shui consultations with Chinese Astrology can analyze your personal energy and create the perfect nurturing atmosphere in your home and office. Find out how here.

How to hear the Holy Spirit
DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, founders of The Voice for Love, are dedicated to teaching people how to access the voice of their higher self.

Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts
Tele-Classes for training in Communicating with Spirits, Channeling, Mediumship Home Study Program, Paranormal Investigating, Releasing Spirit Attachments, Spirit Rescue Techniques, Clairvoyance, Accessing the Akashic Records, and development of psychic powers by offering programs to become a professional psychic. Carol Nicholson, Founder, has been featured on radio, press, and television. Teaching since 2001, we are now located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Spiritual writings to free those bound by traditional religion.

The Kamlak Center
We embrace the new worldview that there is nothing but Life, that birth and death are events in time and space, and that grief is a process that can open us to this new consciousness. We proudly feature the work of Betty J. Kovacs, Ph.D. In her book, The Miracle of Death, she shares the precognitive dreams, visions, afterdeath communications, out of body experiences, and synchronistic events surrounding multiple deaths in her family. Dr. Kovacs chronicles these extraordinary paranormal experiences, which opened her family to multiple levels of reality, the interconnectedness of all life, and the evidence all around us that a planetary shift in consciousness is under way. Visit our website for more information about The Kamlak Center as well as a short video, radio shows, articles, upcoming events, and products by Dr. Betty Kovacs.

Let Us Reason Together
Commentary on spiritual, social and political issues as they relate to the known and the unknown.

A site with many subjects related to the spiritual: world religions, esotericism, the occult, the paranormal and science.

Mustika Pearls Healing Crystals & Shaman Stones
Enhance your mystical development and magickal power by the use of magickal pearls and stones. Use these powerful crystals to amplify magickal spells and rituals. Develop mystical abilities whilst working with nature elemental spirits.

Paranormal Discoveries
This site is dedicated to "All" things paranormal. From hauntings to herbs and essential oils, UFO's and information on sensitives. Our sister site is RC Paranormal Research Society which deals with paranormal investigation.

Paranormal Dreams
We are a non-profit organization that specializes in learning more about the paranormal mind and how it relates to dreams, nightmares, OBE's, and precognitive abilities. We also cover other paranormal interests such as Druidry, Celtic Lore, and Wicca. The owner of Paranormal Dreams invites you to join her in the "Investigation of the Paranormal Mind."

Paranormal Downunder
This is a paranormal and everyday interests forum. We have nine Webcams of a haunted home, members' paranormal photos and stories, information on all aspects of the paranormal, and lots more. All guests are welcome, so come and check it out!

Many religions and God is only one. When having hope and praying, we change our karma. Guidance and help to those who need to change their karma, in health, in a family, in a business, and to change the bioenergy of the person. It is the best way out from the crisis situation.

Psyche Community - Embrace Your Soul
Psyche Community helps people in their spiritual quest, growth and ascension. Our mission is to help people get re-connected with their soul. We provide a platform for people from various walks of life to pool in their knowledge and energy for the spiritual, intellectual and emotional upliftment of one's self and others participating in this journey. We believe that everyone has a uniqueness that can help someone out there and Psyche Community is a medium to get reconnected. Embrace Your Soul, Transcend Yourself. Join souls for the uplifting journey.

A Reluctant Spirit
Yes, good Christians can seek out the paranormal. Read about Kathleen Berry's journey from a skeptic to a believer and how one night in the haunted Goldfield Hotel, in central Nevada, enriched her Christianity and brought her closer to God. Find out why she believes we're supposed to tap into positive spirits and our intuitions to stay on track with life. Check out her blog, "God, Ghosts and Gut Instincts" and the first chapter of her spirituality memoir, "A Reluctant Spirit: A True Tale of God, Ghosts and a Skeptical Christian."

Resting in Peace is Optional
What awaits us after death? It’s the ultimate question. The ultimate irony is that no one who knows the answer for sure can tell us... until now! The book, Resting in Peace is Optional and its accompanying Web site encompass a variety of resources on the subject of life after death, and communication with the Other Side. The site provides helpful information about spirit signs, online memorial/grief resources, and links to scientific and metaphysical sites/books regarding the afterlife. Furthermore the site includes a one of a kind, 3-minute ghost orb video that was made during a rare planetary alignment. Please see our link to the Hubble Space Station for more information regarding this unusual planetary event. Resting in Peace is Optional is a work of factual information about the life after death experience of a young man named Alan G. Hall, who crossed over at the age of 20, from a pulmonary embolism after a life long battle with a heart condition.

Scottish G.H.O.S.T.S.
A Web site with proof videos and photographs of spirit contact between a developing medium and his spirit guide.

Soul Quest Learning Center
If you are looking for a Soul Family, try Soul Quest! We have a potpourri of pages open to submissions; a healing circle called Good Vibes; a friendly, informative discussion forum; a multitude of metaphysical, Wicca & pagan information pages; syndicated columns; herbal recipes; a weekly chat; divination games; free graphics, quizzes, polls, e-cards, and much more!

Spirit Lights The Way
A friendly, truly spiritual online community which offers open circles, readings development classes, and paranormal investigations. We have extensive forums and chat rooms, come and join us!

Spirit Rescue International
Spirit Rescue International™ is a non-profit group that combines the resources of our affiliates worldwide in order to achieve a successful clearing for the client. Our mission is to provide professional, confidential and ethical spiritual relief, including continued personal support and guidance.

Spiritual Science by the University of Christ
Science from the Spheres of Light up to Christ. Free spiritual books by Jozef Rulof and Master Alcar. Spiritual paintings made in trance. Subjects: Structure of the Spiritual Worlds and Cosmic Degrees in the Universe; origin and immortality of the Soul, origin of Evil; Holy Trinity, suicide and more.

Spiritual Wisdom
Spiritual Wisdom, Modern Spiritualism Church and Learning Centre, Etobicoke, Ontario. Check out the regular services on Sunday 2 pm and Thursday 7:30-9 pm. We offer a certification program for speakers, spiritual healers, mediumship demonstrators through basic and advanced modern Spiritualism, mediumship understanding and development, and spiritual healing.

ThothWeb is the next step in the development of the legendary Book of Thoth. Here we incorporate the wisdom of Ancient Egypt, Magick, and the Tarot with philosophy, creativity, and a quest for the truth.

True Knight's Fire: Alternative Spiritual Services
I offer to you, the most advanced alternative spirit services on the planet. My surefire low-priced Meta services range from Negativity Clearings, HeavyBlack Magick Removals,Divine Subconscious Reprogramming,Third Eye and Spiritual Awakeners and much much more. Feel free to stop by my website and see what I can do for you or someone you know.

Thoughts, Ideas and More About the Paranormal
Thoughts, ideas, and more about the paranormal.

2014 Haunted New England Wall Calendar by Jeff Belanger photography by Frank Grace
Check out the 2014 Haunted New England wall calendar by Jeff Belanger and photography by Frank Grace!

Paranormal Conferences and Lectures
Don't miss the following events and lectures:

Jeff Belanger and “The Bridgewater Triangle” at Dedham Community Theatre - April 6, 2014 9:00PM

The Spirits of the Mark Twain House - Hartford, Connecticut - April 12, 2014

Paracon Australia - East Maitland, New South Wales, Australia - May 10-12, 2014